Connecting with communities

Understanding wants and needs

Building trusted relationships leading to greater return on social value

Leaving lasting legacies

About Us

Experts in Social Value Strategy and Delivery, Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement

Sonar Engagement is a specialist stakeholder engagement agency. Our consultants, analysts, and Public Liaison Officers gained their broad experience through previous service in policing roles.

We boast a wide range of transferable skills in community engagement and problem solving, developed in roles from Community Policing, through intelligence analysis, to senior command.

Our adaptability and “can do” attitude sets us apart from competitors, we have worked in the most challenging projects, managing risk and reputation of our clients whilst ensuring key benefits and messages of projects are understood.

Our unique Social Value CWaNA ™ (Community Wants and Needs Assessment) research and reports, provide valuable ‘intelligence’ that reflects local priorities. This business information is useful in PQQ / Bids and sets out ‘work winning’ tenders around clear Social Value commitments with the Option of wider collaboration and ongoing Social Value delivery support from our Social Value practitioners.

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