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He can quickly build relationships with people across our communities

Paul has worked for us on a number of highways maintenance projects over the last two years. During this time, he’s collaborated with teams across our supply chain, building valuable relationships and opening up communication channels.
Paul is very charismatic, personable and likeable. This means he can quickly build relationships with people across our communities.

Rhian Sharp

Invaluable easing the community tensions

Paul's engagement with the primary stakeholders on my Highways England schemes has been invaluable easing the community tensions that our road works caused at Old Stratford. With the learnings from Old Stratford scheme we engaged with Paul at an earlier stage of the project.
Aligned with our Positive Impact Plan, Paul created CSR opportunities that helped communities to come together to improve their local environment.
Paul has a very useful knowledge base, and extensive contacts throughout the industry.

Paul Devine
Framework Manager – nmcn plc

Quickly took ownership of initial flood of enquiries and issues

Paul worked as Public Liaison Officer on the A5 Old Stratford large highways maintenance and improvements project.
Paul Valentine quickly took ownership of the flood of enquires and issues and worked collaboratively with colleagues and the supply chain.
Paul has excellent interpersonal skills which enables him to build strong relationships quickly and easily. Paul has an outward look and can spot and explore opportunities and confidently champion new ideas adding value and supporting them into delivery.
Thanks very much for all your support. I would not hesitate to engage Paul’s services on similar projects again.

Simon Wagstaff
Schemes Project Manager - Highways England

Very efficient and he really took ownership

When I was working with Neil directly on Clifton Bridge, I thought he was very efficient, and he really took ownership of the stakeholder and customer engagement for the scheme. It wasn’t an easy scheme to manage but he stayed on top of engagement.
Neil is very knowledgeable and was willing to go out and meet with customers and stakeholders.

Hannah Edwards
Senior Communications Manager, Midlands

A key asset

Neil is a key part of the Clifton Bridge team.
Neil’s knowledge and his experience has assisted in building good relationships with local Councils and other key stakeholders which are impacted by this major scheme. Neil has also been a key asset when scheme event days such as MP visits, onsite media days and engagement with the local communicate.

Steven Longden
East Midlands Asset Delivery - Project Manager

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