Connecting with communities

Understanding wants and needs

Building trusted relationships leading to greater return on social value

Leaving lasting legacies

Social Value & CWaNA ™

Grass roots up Social Value – creating legacies

Social Value Delivery

We are experts in Social Value Strategy and Delivery

Our approach to Social Value sets us apart from other providers. We invest time in understanding your business and help develop your unique Social Value policy & strategies.

Our unique Social Value: Community Wants and Needs Assessment (CWaNA ™) research & analysis helps clients to understand the communities in which they work and deliver Social Value legacies in an evidence-based way that works with community priorities, wants and needs.

Grass Roots Up Social Value

‘Grass roots up’ Social Value

Our unique CWaNA ™ reports capture ‘community intelligence’ and the make up of an area, including demographics, local priorities, barriers to employment ,along with opportunities to partner with ‘hidden’ VCSEs (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises) and SMEs (Small and Medium size enterprises), among other important stakeholders delivering against local priorities.

We’re independent; our approach elevates Social Value to a more transparent level and helps build more trusted relationships within communities, whilst leaving lasting legacies.


Delivery Social Value in Construction

Our Social Value recommendations (options) are realistic in their capacity for delivery, whilst promoting and encouraging Social Value collaboration across the supply chain with outcomes that represent greater Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Our Social Value practitioners will help facilitate your chosen Options and ensure legacies are delivered.

We’re proud to support the Social Value Quality Mark, an independent audit of your Social Value strategy and delivery. It symbolises that your organisation stands for the highest ethical, sustainable and community-focussed standards.

By acquiring the Mark, you are contributing to equality and social change. And by procuring through organisations that hold the Mark, we can collectively catalyse positive impact for all.

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