Social Value

What is Social Value?

Social Value is the positive or negative impact that people or communities feel

because of an action, programme or policy.

We connect your company with communities.

We identify local priorities, plus community wants and needs for you.

We collaborate to improve your Social Value impact and return on investment.

"Our partnership with Sonar Engagement has been ongoing for the past 6 years.
Their unique CWaNA™ (Community Wants and Needs Assessment) reports provide us with the information that we use to demonstrate to a client that we know about their area and priorities and that we have changed our Social Value plans for them.
The Social Value ‘facilitation’ takes the ‘community engagement’ weight off our busy teams
and it allows us to maximise our time and return on social value investment.
We highly recommend the Sonar approach."

Tom Wilson Carnell

We simplify Social Value

We help you understand the key themes and drivers,
plus how to measure Social Value.

Through our unique CWaNA™ assessment, we deliver
Social Value to meet community wants and needs.

The Social Value Act (2012) and the legal implications on you

Helps the UK meet the United Nations’ 17 sustainability goals
and to deliver added value to communities through
local and national government procurement processes.

Social Value the growing impact for your business

Social Value is now a key requirement for all businesses when tendering for
Public Sector contracts. The Public Sector, Social Value Act (2012) and PPN 06/20,
now focus more on procuring to change, to increase value for money and added value.

In short, the game has changed:
The most advantaged tender has moved to most economical tender.
You need to demonstrate your added value and how you will deliver it.

Companies need to demonstrate their Social Value delivery and impact.
Tender weighting for Social Value is between 10%-30%.

Social Value is enshrined in UK law:
Did you know it is your legal requirement when you bid for public sector work?

No-one else connects with communities like Social Value Action

Many companies can advise you on Social Value strategy.
Only a few understand community wants and needs.

Even fewer still offer feet on the ground Social Value Practitioners.

Even fewer offer feet-on-the-ground experts with the knowledge
and experience to engage and connect with local communities.

But only one does all this, plus delivers Social Value
with a problem-solving approach that drives lasting legacies:
Social Value Action

We are Social Value Action

Connecting companies with communities, winning hearts, and building legacies

We are your first-choice trusted partner

Our Social Value enables you to:

  • Achieve business resilience
  • Tackle economic inequality
  • Fight climate change
  • Drive equal opportunity
  • Support wellbeing

We help you win more business
✔ We help you build Social Value into your proposals
so you build a reputation for winning work and helping communities
✔ We help you demonstrate a collaborative approach through the supply chain
✔ We help you increase Social ROI and leave lasting legacies

We are your Social Value delivery partner
✔ We are your community engagement specialists
✔ We deliver Social Value through your lens
✔ We deliver feet-on-the-ground building trusted relationships
✔ We help you collaborate with the community and supply chain partners

We are driven by purpose to help you
✔ Understand communities priorities wants and needs
✔ Form trusted relationships within communities
✔ Improve Social Value impact and leave lasting legacies

We don’t just advise. We deliver
✔ We are not at arms’ length. We embed ourselves in communities
✔ We don’t do unto communities. We work with them
✔ We don’t assume Social Value. We build Social Value options from the grass roots up

We take time to understand your KnORT
Knowledge Opportunities Resource and Time
✔ We utilise your specialist knowledge and skills
✔ We maximise opportunities internally and externally
✔ We understand your Resource
✔ We maximise your community impact days or volunteering time

Social Value UK
Social Value Quality Mark
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