CWaNA™ helps you to win work and for procurement increased impact and social return on investment

Your guide to Social Value Community Wants and Needs Assessments: CWaNA™

Stage 1:

At Project Inception, Pre Qualifying Questions through to quality submissions and tender

We demonstrate to your client that you’ve taken time to understand their area.

We prove that you’ve tailored your Social Value delivery plans against local priorities and genuine community need.

We show that everything you do is anchored within a transparent data set.

Provides forward looking projections of who what where and how you will deliver your social value commitment

We will canvas your procurement/supply chain to maximise Social Value impact.

We help you understand and develop your KNORT
(Knowledge Opportunities Resource and Time).

We help you understand the history, political make-up,
demographics, health priorities, crime and barriers to
employment in the communities you engage in.

CWaNA™ transparency and legitimacy

Stage 2:

Project delivery

We follow up on the high-level data from Stage 1 with feet on the ground face-to-face community stakeholder interviews and by gathering community intelligence.

We provide you with Social Value options that can be delivered in the short-medium-and long-term.

All options are anchored in evidence to meet communities wants and needs, which leads to greater transparency.

We adopt a problem-solving approach to issues that are aligned to the community’s wants and needs.

CWaNA™ collaboration, impact and legacy

Stage 3:

Facilitated project delivery learning and case studies

Our highly experienced Social Value practitioners will facilitate delivery of your chosen Social Value options from Stage 2.

We will maximise opportunities for collaboration across your supply chain and wider partners.

Plus, to develop and further improve organisational memory and celebrate successes, our Social Value practitioners will provide impact assessments case studies and good news stories.

To help you further, we can also report back to you via a number of Social Value platforms and monetised tools.

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