Case Study

Stakeholder management

Llandaff over bridge

AmcoGiffen / Transport for Wales (Tfw) .

Transport for Wales (TfW) are undertaking work on the Barry Wrides footbridge scheme in Llandaff, this includes closing the current level crossing near Llandaf Station.

Owing to the increase in service frequency planned to be introduced following the completion of the South Wales project, coupled with the much quieter electric tram-trains that will run through Llandaf station, the level crossing just south of the station is required to close.

TfW will be replacing this level crossing with a new footbridge, providing safe access to each side of the railway line. The footbridge will provide a connection from Wingfield Road to Colwinstone Close via an existing footpath running through the playing field, known locally as ‘The Fram’.

Services Provided

  • Social value delivery support CWaNA ™ research
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement

Value added

SONAR Engagement facilitated a collaborative approach to the delivery of Social Value initiatives for this scheme. Our grass roots philosophy maintained regular engagements with the business owners, and delivered a package of meaningful Social Value legacies.

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