Communication and Customer

Award-winning Stakeholder Management, Communications & Community Engagement

Sonar Engagement is your trusted partner, connecting you with the roots of communities so your project runs smoothly, you achieve your objectives and you leave a lasting legacy.

What makes Sonar Engagement’s Stakeholder Management so special?

You build, we build trust.

We listen, engage and communicate with local people and stakeholders.

We are your trusted partner during the planning and construction phases
of your infrastructure, highways, rail and local authority projects.

Our unique Sonar toolkit

Our Sonar Toolkit is scalable to any size project

It gives you a unique cycle of engagement and problem solving.
So your key project benefits are easily understood, remembered and shared.
Plus, any problems are predicted, any risks are resolved and any stakeholders are managed expertly.

Feet on the ground, drones in the air

We don’t just advise, we also deliver. With good old-fashioned legwork, we embed ourselves
in communities. So we knock on doors, we talk to people and we understand what they need and want
in a human way.

We also harness the latest technology with our Sonar Toolkit – both digital and visual…

We partner with digital engagement experts
‘The Imagineers’ to deliver interactive online Public Information Events, to bring project designs to life.

This Stakeholder and Community Engagement App keeps you up to date
with project developments, plus gives you customer satisfaction surveys
and insightful analysis to enhance and customise your communications.

Experience that counts

We have over 150 years of combined experience in Neighbourhood Policing experience, and over 30 years in Construction. So our skilled and knowledgeable Public Liaison Officers are trusted experts in community communication, problem solving and managing risk.

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