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Stephen Leadbeater

Stephen Leadbeater

After an early scientific career, the last 30 years has seen Stephen develop a leadership career across some of the UK – and the world’s – leading retailers.

Switching from a background in laboratories and then pharmaceutical marketing, Stephen has followed a commercial pathway, as a buyer, and then leading commercial teams, to the more strategic elements of commercial strategy and organisational design in organisations such as Superdrug, Tesco, and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Developing an expertise in building relationships between commercial partners, and co-developing mutually beneficial strategies, Stephen has worked with many of the world’s leading consumer healthcare and beauty manufacturers in the UK but also in the US, Mexico, Chile, Ireland, Thailand and South Korea.

In addition to his corporate life, over the last 15 years Stephen pursued a series of academic qualifications focusing on business psychology and behaviour. These include a MSc. In Occupational Psychology, and post graduate diplomas in Psychology, Coaching, and Mindfulness Studies.

Since 2022 Stephen has worked as an independent advisor and consultants, using his experience to support organisations with their commercial strategies, and how they develop their capabilities.

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