September 2020 – Sonar Engagement has been fantastic in driving the communications side. They are very proactive and willing to go that extra mile. They always make sure only the latest information is shared and will chase for information if people haven’t responded. Really good service and made my role easier

Project Manager

September 2020 – Sonar Engagement has worked for us on a number of highways maintenance projects over the last two years. During this time they have collaborated with teams across our supply chain, building valuable relationships and opening up communication channels. This has enabled them to have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips, which was shared with our customers. The team are very personable and likeable. This means they can quickly build relationships with people across our communities and are equally comfortable hosting engagement events, addressing large audiences in a formal setting and meeting with customers in their own homes. Sonar Engagement has been able to fulfil all of our stakeholder liaison needs.

Communications Manager

March 2020 – Sonar Engagement worked with NMCN the principal contractor coordinating their CSR programme in connection with the Our City Our River scheme for Derby City Council. There were interactions with seven different schools as part of the Council’s E4E project, two local voluntary groups and Derby University. Projects included career talks, mock interviews and time capsule project. Their enthusiasm and interaction with all parties resulted in around £10,000 of social value being generated during the contract.

Principal Engineering Manager, Our City Our River (OCOR)

November 2019 – Working with Sonar Engagement was a joy. They supported customer engagement on a critical part of the M621 major project – when we were due to undertake noisy and disruptive ground investigation work. Paul was extremely proactive and thorough in his approach to understanding the community and how our work might impact them. He also engaged with colleagues at Highways England in an extremely professional way – taking time to understand their priorities. Sonar Engagement used their professional experience, along with great people skills to ensure that our communications and customer engagement was of a high standard, especially under the pressure of tight timescales.

Senior Communications Manager

Communications Team, Yorkshire & the North East Regional

The teams engagement with the primary stakeholders on my Highways England schemes has been invaluable easing the community tensions that our road works caused at Old Stratford. With the learnings from Old Stratford scheme we engaged with Paul at an earlier stage of the project and his role evolved as PLO, he now updates stakeholders through regular emails, newsletters, face to face engagement and created and managed the schemes online presence. Aligned with our Positive Impact Plan, Sonar Engagement created CSR opportunities that helped communities to come together to improve their local environment, engaged with primary and special schools, and sponsorship for local events. I find Paul a very useful person to know as he has very useful knowledge base, and extensive contacts throughout the industry.

Framework Manager


Sonar Engagement has provided us with a very high calibre Public Liaison Officer on the A5 Old Stratford large highways maintenance and improvements project I was project managing, which was located in a very traffic congested and sensitive area. They quickly took ownership of the initial flood of enquiries and issues and worked collaboratively with colleagues and the supply chain to identify a solution and prepare strong written responses. The Sonar Engagement team have excellent interpersonal skills which enables them to build strong relationships quickly and easily. This puts people at ease, combined with active listening, and an expert collaboration, they understand how to get the best out of people. Sonar Engagement has an outward look and can spot and explore opportunities, and confidently champion new ideas, adding value and supporting them into delivery. As well as answering the day to day enquiries, he also had a wide reaching stakeholder management plan and initiatives, such as attending parish council meetings and producing vlogs. Their Community Engagement Plan involved a ‘Community Mapping Exercise’ to identify key groups and stakeholders that make up the community. He then developed how best to communicate and engage them, such as; personal visits / presentations to Parish Councils, writing articles for newsletters, formal notification of road closures, updates on progress, and vlogs. They also developed a very effective document to help capture and allocate status to Community Concerns, so that the Project Management Team understood community issues and could help contribute to reducing the risks. Thanks very much for all your support. I would not hesitate to engage with their services on similar projects again. 
Schemes Project Manager

Highways England

Sonar Engagement has worked for us on a number of highways maintenance projects over the last two years. During this time, he’s collaborated with teams across our supply chain, building valuable relationships and opening up communication channels. This has enabled Paul to have the most up-to-date information at his fingertips which he’s shared with our customers. Paul is very charismatic, personable and likeable. This means he can quickly build relationships with people across our communities. And, as he’s equally comfortable hosting engagement events, addressing large audiences in a formal setting and meeting with customers in their own homes, he’s been able to fulfil all of our stakeholder liaison needs.


Project Manager

Sonar Engagement has acted as the Public Liaison Officer on a number of highway related schemes with which I have been involved. Throughout them all his services proved to be invaluable. They have always acted in a professional manner – pro-actively reaching out to the various stakeholders affected by our work through telephone, emails and face to face contact to ensure that they were kept informed of the progress of the scheme, and dealing with any queries or concerns that were raised. They developed and maintained scheme-specific websites that were a constant source of information for interested parties and a valuable source of data for us as to the level of interest that was being shown in our projects. Made sure that the concerns of affected parties were relayed to the construction team so that we had the opportunities to mitigate those concerns. Held the “difficult conversations” with those affected parties when we couldn’t accommodate their requests. Having Sonar Engagement on board meant that a lot of the issues that would normally divert us from our main task were dealt with efficiently and we could concentrate on our own activities. I would not hesitate to employ their services on similar projects again.
Project Manager

September 2020 – On behalf DMH Auto Repairs we would like to pass on our appreciation and thanks for your hard work and professionalism during the upgrade of the A5 road. The work caused no disruption to my business and clients, even though you also made sure I had 24 hour access still to my business, with permits you provided, due to the nature of my work. On the few occasions when we did have to work late or needed access to our work premises, we much appreciated the guided escorts and kind professional manners and service of the road work crew. The improvement’s on the A5 Road are a credit to your organization and workforce. Your care and interest for the businesses on the A5 road that could have been affected during these uncertain times really helped. Once again your personal professionalism, help and manners, as well as the road work crew also is a true credit to your organisation and company. You are welcome to visit anytime you should be back in the area working. Best of luck on your next project and once again thank you for your kind, professional manner towards my business.


DMH Auto Repairs

 September 2020 – Thank you for your emails prior to the resurfacing of Weoley Park Rd which has now been successfully completed. As you know, my concerns about the possibility of damage to the grass verges and pavement parking during this work were based on previous experiences, and I was very relieved to know that Kier does not condone these practices. I was impressed by your operation. One of your contractors said that your company was very strict about safety and it was made clear to them what was expected of them. This was obvious to the observer as there was always someone supervising every part of the operation. Of course these things only work when communication is good and you certainly have a handle on that, not only with the public, it would seem. Your leaflets explaining exactly what was going to happen were both clear and timely. The communication lines were clearly stated and we had the name of someone to contact who was directly involved with this project. What’s more, I had a response to my email in less than 15 minutes. Sadly, so many companies of all descriptions do not realise how important proper communication is, and so, rather than being the norm, your company stands out as being different. Long may you do work for Birmingham.


Resident of Weoley Park Rd