Connecting with communities

Understanding wants and needs

Building trusted relationships leading to greater return on social value

Leaving lasting legacies

Communication plans in Construction

Experts in Communication and Engagement for Construction

At SONAR Engagement, we specialise in Social Value and Stakeholder Management, supporting a diverse range of sectors including Highways, Rail, Water, and Construction. Renowned for our excellence in communications, we are the trusted partner for contractors seeking to enhance project engagement and deliver lasting community legacies.

Who We Are: Pioneers in Stakeholder Engagement

As a specialist stakeholder engagement agency, our roots are deeply embedded in community-oriented policing. Our team brings a wealth of experience and a versatile skill set, honed through diverse roles ranging from Community Policing to Intelligence Analysis. At SONAR Engagement, our adaptability and proactive approach empower us to tackle the most challenging projects, ensuring that our clients' reputations and risks are expertly managed.

Redefining Social Value for construction

Our approach to Social Value distinguishes us from the rest. We delve deep into understanding your business, crafting unique Social Value policies and strategies tailored to your needs. Our CWaNA ™ (Community Wants and Needs Assessment) methodology enables a profound understanding of community dynamics, paving the way for impactful Social Value legacies that resonate with local priorities.

Construction stakeholder management

With an award-winning reputation in Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement, SONAR Engagement excels in delivering comprehensive stakeholder solutions across various sectors. Our unique cycle of engagement and problem-solving ensures clear communication of project benefits, while adeptly managing risks. Our team, with a combined wealth of experience in Neighborhood Policing and Construction, is your assurance of strategic and effective communication.

Let's build your Communication Strategy

Get in touch to explore how our specialised communication plans can enhance your project's communication strategy. Contact SONAR Engagement today and let our experts guide you in constructing a comprehensive and effective communication plan.

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