Connecting with communities

Understanding wants and needs

Building trusted relationships leading to greater return on social value

Leaving lasting legacies

Ginnette Johnston

Ginnette Johnson

Ginnette Johnston, is a retired Police Sergeant from Greater Manchester Police. During her police career, Ginnette excelled in neighbourhood policing, project and stakeholder management, community engagement and problem solving.

Ginnette’s professionalism, leadership, and dedication has been acknowledged throughout her career with many Chief Officer commendations and awards, all centred around the development and professionalising the Neighbourhood Policing role.

Ginnette is a resolute and hardworking person who is creative and thinks out of the box in terms of thinking of initiatives or looking for solutions. She now brings her passion of wanting to ‘make a difference in communities’ expertise, skills and knowledge into industry, delivering Social Value outcomes and legacies.

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