Connecting with communities

Understanding wants and needs

Building trusted relationships leading to greater return on social value

Leaving lasting legacies

Sean Hannigan

Sean Hannigan Social Value in Construction

Sean Hannigan has been involved in teaching for 10 years as an additional-needs teacher specialising in Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aspergers and young people with differing learning needs. He spent 21 years as a Police Officer looking after communities and specialising in working with hard-to-reach groups. Sean has worked in delivering Social Value outcomes making real differences to local communities.
He is highly skilled in engaging with community groups and individuals, delivering meaningful engagement which leave a legacy within the community. He prides himself in having great practical on-site skills allowing the client to deliver meaningful costed Social Value solutions within sometimes tight timeframes.
The Social Value Sean delivered over a 12-month period for one client was recognised with a Community Benefit Award at the Yorkshire Regional Group Institution of Structural Engineers Awards. Sean is passionate about leaving a real legacy embedded within the communities he works in.

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